Saturday, May 31, 2008

Excuses, Excuses

I know it took us forever to announce the pregnancy on our blog, but I SWEAR we had a good reason. Byron has been so busy at work lately (as always) and I have been studying for my LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker) Licensure exam. I started getting ready for licensure almost three years ago, because you need two years worth of very specific hours of supervised work in different areas to qualify to take the test. I became eligible in February to take it and I've been studying literally for months. Originally I was going to take it a couple of months ago, but the pregnancy kind of derailed my studying for a bit--I HAD to read about pregnancy and what was happening with the baby!!

Anyway, I buckled back down a couple of months ago and studied like a fiend. I took the test on Friday morning and PASSED!! This was actually a crazy experience for me, because I usually am a great test taker and don't worry too much about passing tests. But for some reason, this was a very big challenge for me. Byron says I'm now going to be more empathetic if our kids have a hard time with school, so I guess there is a bright side. But, my passing was something very close to a miracle and I've never been so relieved! (Thanks to Tracy, who pep-talked me into not postponing!)

Here is proof that I passed:

That unattractive picture of me stared out at me from my computer screen for FOUR HOURS while I tried to concentrate on not failing (I guess so the proctors make sure the right applicants are at the right computers). I never want to see that picture again!! (And I certainly would have posed better if I'd known it was going to haunt me throughout the test!)

I've never ever felt so uncertain while taking a test before. It doesn't help knowing that you have to wait 6 months to retake the test if you fail, or that the test has a 50% pass rate! But, I survived.

Byron was great throughout the whole thing-including studying flashcards with me (even when he had NO IDEA what he was even asking me!!) And I think he really understood how incredibly possible it was that I might not pass. He booked me a pregnancy massage at Burke Williams (I know, perfect husband) for afterwards. But I have admit I was very afraid that I wouldn't enjoy a massage while crying about my failing score! It was much more enjoyable knowing that I'd passed!! Plus, they gave me a "milk bath" as well--which was AWESOME!! I don't usually love the spa because it hurts me to spend so much money, but it was the perfect thing. I loved the massage and after months of being on a "reading diet" because I needed to study, I could finally lay around and read at the spa all afternoon. And I did!

I actually have one more test to pass before I'm officially licensed (darn California for being the only state that requires two!) but this first one is the real hurdle. The next one is just a two hour little joyride, as far as I'm concerned!

Anyway, this blog was a lame explanation for why I didn't have time to blog about the baby before now--but we really are THRILLED!!! And I can't believe my baby is lucky enough to already have been to the spa--what a pampered little baby!!

Not so new NEWS!

For those of you who haven't heard yet, we're pregnant!!

We're 18 weeks along and VERY excited, although you can't tell from how long it's taken us to blog about it!! And in case you can't tell--our little baby has its hand in its mouth!! This is from 12 weeks along, so our baby is MUCH bigger and better looking now.
Here's a look at the card we gave our families to break the news:

We figured we had to take advantage of the fact that the baby is due ON Halloween!! Plus, any excuse I can get to make Byron dress up in a Halloween costume...Here's another cute one (to get back at him for posting the duck picture of me!)

Can you tell how thrilled he is to be wearing this costume?? What a good sport he's going to be as a Dad!

We find out the sex of the baby in a week! I felt like we needed to make a blog announcement regarding the pregnancy itself, before I announced whether it's a boy or a girl!!
6 Days and counting, then we will start taking name suggestions!