Friday, April 27, 2007

Beach Clean Up/ Ward Activities Gone Wild

Byron and I attended our first family ward activity this past Saturday--a beach clean up, a rather appropriate activity for Earth Day. Byron was so excited to go, and reminded me about it a number of times in the two weeks prior. So we got there, appropriately excited, (see above image) Byron's enthusiasm can be quite catching! To my surprise, five minutes into the trash collecting, Byron informed me that he hated it and it was "not what he expected." (I was never able to get him to explain to me what exactly "beach clean up" had meant to him...) But, Byron was a willing participant and happily held the trash bag as we collected 98 cigarette butts, 71 pieces of styrofoam and QUITE a few bottle caps. All in all, we left the beach with about a half pound of garbage and two hours less of our lives. And we definitely built character.