Thursday, April 10, 2008

My Turn on the Blog

This is Byron. Kim has been so good at updating our blog, so I thought I would take a crack at it. Things have been pretty good here in So Cal. A couple of weeks ago we walked down to the beach with Kim's sister, Brooke, and her friend who were visiting for a few days. It was really beautiful.

Lately Kim and I have been talking about our "next step" and where we will end up after we leave Santa Monica. We went to Las Vegas this last weekend for General Conference to visit my family and while we were there we looked at some model homes. We loved a lot of them and are really excited to get out of our small one bedroom apartment with no storage space, no washer and dryer and no dishwasher. However, we really do love our neighborhood and our 5 minute walk to the beach and this view whenever we feel like it. We are really lucky to live here right now.

One other thing that I would like to tell you that I am really lucky with. . . Kim.
Just look at this picture. She will probably not like that I posted this, but it makes me laugh. I hope people can see it before she makes me take it down.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Happy April Fool's Day!!!

I love April Fools Day. I think it all started with my family. I remember my dad setting off the smoke alarm countless times while my mom was in the shower, only to have her coming running outside wearing only a towel. And, my mom didn’t limit her culinary expression of holiday spirit to food coloring. I distinctly remember some intentionally disgusting pancakes on April Fools Day growing up. As a child, I have a vivid memory of trying to “fool” my family. One such debacle included my little brother, Matt, a lot of fake fighting and yelling, and me laying on the kitchen floor with ketchup squirted all over my legs.

So, I thought I would bring my love of the holiday into my marriage, like a good little wife. After adding baking powder to Byron’s water at breakfast (a tiny amount), I was informed that he does not enjoy celebrating April Fool’s Day. Killjoy.

So, I had to set my sights on my co-workers. I have a recently pregnant co-worker who is very devious in nature and she convinced me to send out an email announcement in regards to my “pregnancy.” I wasn’t sure I could do that without Byron’s permission, so I CCed him on our email to see if he was okay with that joke. He promptly responded that he would send the same thing to his co-workers. (Only later did I find out that my devious co-worker, Cristina, had put him up to that to get me to go along with it!) Long story short, I made many many people in my office VERY VERY happy for about one minute, before I sent them another email wishing them a Happy April Fools Day. Priceless. It takes a very funny girl (and some coercion from her coworker) to send a fake pregnancy email to her boss. Social workers have all the fun!!