Friday, November 07, 2008

Halloween and TWO Birthdays

We had an exciting Halloween weekend, for a few reasons. Our baby has finally arrived (as most of you probably already know. We are horrible about timely blogging!)

#1 I went into labor ON my actual due date, Halloween. It was probably the ONLY day I wasn't expecting to go into labor, since they tell you almost no one delivers on their due date. As a result, my Halloween costume went to waste.

#2 Harrison Byron Williams was born on November 1st at 6:52 AM. This could not have been more perfect, as his birthday is now sandwiched between two major holidays (Halloween and MY birthday) and I'm pretty sure those three days will be an ongoing party at our house every year!!

This is Harrison day one! The hat is covering some funky head action (due to three hours of pushing) which has now all resolved itself, WHEW! He weighed 8 lbs 12 oz (hence the need for so much pushing on my part) and was 21 inches long. He'd already grown another half inch by his five day check-up with the pediatrician, and Byron could not be prouder that he is in the 95th percentile for length. I myself am shocked at this - what child of mine could possibly end up being tall? How exciting!

#3 I spent my birthday in the hospital. Everyone said it should have been the happiest birthday of my life. Am I horrible if I disagree? I will definitely concede that it is the best birthday present I've ever gotten, but as for spending my birthday confined to a bed and begging for more pain medication, I'll pass on that next year. And, I prefer to look a little more upbeat (and attractive) in my birthday pictures. (Although, for our first "family picture" it is pretty exciting!!)

We already have TONS of pictures of Harrison (as we have instantaneously morphed into disgustingly proud parents - I'm positive he is the smartest, strongest little baby ever born!) We'll try to limit how many we post here, but we'll add a link to an album if you want to see more. We'll just point out a few more of his best features for your viewing enjoyment.

This is Harrison about to leave the hospital. (Note the rosy glow to his skin and his robust cry...)

I think he was happier about leaving once he realized we would be going with him.

Harrison's most distinctive feature (besides his darling mouth and chin, courtesy of Byron) is his BRIGHT blond hair. All of the nurses and doctors were commenting that they NEVER see babies with that color of hair.

Pictures don't really do his hair justice, because it is SO light that he ends up looking bald from the flash. He even has white eyelashes and eyebrows! But he has SO much blond hair, especially in the back. (When I told my sister Renee how white his hair was, she laughed and asked if he was an albino. I laughed politely, but then I secretly had to ask the pediatrician if that was the case. And no, he is not an albino.)

We are trying to enjoy his gorgeous hair while it lasts, because we have the sneaking suspicion it is starting to turn a little strawberry blond...
He can already hold his own head up! Seriously, the kid is only 10 days old.

He already has QUITE a winning smile. I swear I can be objective, but he is possibly the cutest baby ever.

But he's not all laughs, he has a serious, reflective side. (Thanks for the shirt, Lisa!)

Last but not least, I must give a special thanks to my mother, who was present at the delivery and spent the first week at home with us. She was a life-saver, and Harrison loves his Granny Tanny, as we affectionately call her. She got him to straighten out his days from his nights, she bleached and cleaned my apartment from top to bottom and basically kept Byron and I sane during those first few days. We LOVE Granny Tanny!!

Byron and I realized that we have taken tons of pictures of him holding the baby and not many of me. Then we remembered that 8 or 9 hours of the day that I'm holding Harrison, he's nursing. So be thankful that we are modest people and choose not to post (or even take!) those pictures.
We'll try to post again soon, but little Harry B (as my dad calls him) is keeping us pretty busy!