Monday, February 22, 2010

Top Story: Overnight Rain

LA can be such a funny place to live, especially when it comes to the news. One "news" channel here is practically indistinguishable from Entertainment Tonight, what with all the cleavage and rock music going on in between "news" stories. Also, the lives of celebrities are reported on as newsworthy here in Los Angeles. Again, the line between news and entertainment gets frighteningly blurred.

But today, I enjoyed the LA news for a different reason. Under the heading "Top Stories" was this caption: "Overnight Rain". You might be thinking of all the reasons overnight rain would be a top story: flooding, mud slides, record-breaking downpour, etc. But no, a couple outlying cities had precipitation last night. Period. I absolutely love that our weather is so predictably amazing that overnight rain is reported as a top story. Sorry to all you people out there experiencing "winter," I truly sympathize with you. But, we have our own burdens to bear here - my sweater selection is rather scanty and rarely on display. But I survive.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Play Date!

Harrison had a play date with his friend Westin at the park today (what else do you do when it is 76 degrees in February?) It is so fun that Harrison has such a masculine little friend. They took turns kicking the soccer ball, running into the basketball court (where basketball games were going on - hence their harried mothers took turns yanking them out of harm's way), ate each other's snacks and played on the playground.

My favorite part was when they took turns screaming on a park bench. They tried to outdo one another with louder and longer alternating shrieks.

In the end, we decided it is the most fun when we all yell at the same time.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello Again!!

Obviously, it has been too long since I've blogged.

1) This video clip is to reassure anyone out there who only gets updates on Harrison from my blog that YES, he did indeed learn to take more than three wobbly little steps. As you can see, he's now a regular little David Beckham. He actually loves to run, sometimes even faster than his legs know how to!

2) This post is to get me going again, in the blogging habit, even though I really have nothing to report. I missed blogging about Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, vacations, our cruise and Valentine's Day. So now, I'm left with just our day-to-day mundane lives to report - Harrison can kick a ball! And truth be told, he can also Baaa like a sheep and Neigh like a horse on command. Adorable.

3) But most importantly, I wanted to save you loyal friends who still check my blog from having to look at that shot of my legs even one more time. I've only seen it about 5 times since I posted it in November, and even I'm sick to death of seeing it!! I can only imagine how painful these last few months have been for you: to continue hopefully checking for updates on my blog only to be repeatedly disappointed and subjected to that leg shot - over and over again. I'm sorry.

After writing this post and watching the video, I realized how truly "LA" our family is. Harrison is kicking the ball in an extremely loud, urban park (no backyard for us yet!!) while Byron talks on his cell phone. Funny.