Monday, February 22, 2010

Top Story: Overnight Rain

LA can be such a funny place to live, especially when it comes to the news. One "news" channel here is practically indistinguishable from Entertainment Tonight, what with all the cleavage and rock music going on in between "news" stories. Also, the lives of celebrities are reported on as newsworthy here in Los Angeles. Again, the line between news and entertainment gets frighteningly blurred.

But today, I enjoyed the LA news for a different reason. Under the heading "Top Stories" was this caption: "Overnight Rain". You might be thinking of all the reasons overnight rain would be a top story: flooding, mud slides, record-breaking downpour, etc. But no, a couple outlying cities had precipitation last night. Period. I absolutely love that our weather is so predictably amazing that overnight rain is reported as a top story. Sorry to all you people out there experiencing "winter," I truly sympathize with you. But, we have our own burdens to bear here - my sweater selection is rather scanty and rarely on display. But I survive.


Matt "Hacksaw" said...

Yes, you live in a wonderful clime. I am slowly but surely migrating down that way, next stop Fresno, I hope not though. Harrison looks so big, I am going to have to come camping to see him. Love all the posts, you are now a better poster than me, I will try harder.

Gwendolyn said...

Haha, Nate and I have a joke whenever we watch the local news. We pretend to be the newscaster and/or weather lady and say, "Ok that's the news now let's go CLUBBING!!! WOOOOOOOOO!!!