Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Play Date!

Harrison had a play date with his friend Westin at the park today (what else do you do when it is 76 degrees in February?) It is so fun that Harrison has such a masculine little friend. They took turns kicking the soccer ball, running into the basketball court (where basketball games were going on - hence their harried mothers took turns yanking them out of harm's way), ate each other's snacks and played on the playground.

My favorite part was when they took turns screaming on a park bench. They tried to outdo one another with louder and longer alternating shrieks.

In the end, we decided it is the most fun when we all yell at the same time.


Sarah said...

I love it- and I am impressed by your posting- keep them coming.

Sara said...

a - makes me miss LA. b - makes me miss you guys. c - made me decide to kidnap your child.

Dad said...

What a wonderful experience. Keep 'em coming. Dad

Brooke said...

i don't wanna say it, his head is big enough, i won't i won't!
ok you've convinced me:
Harrison is so cute! And keeps getting better and better. i miss him.