Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Hard to please...

We took Harrison to the Los Angeles Zoo this weekend with some friends and their baby. His first trip to the zoo - we couldn't wait!! However, we may have been a bit eager in taking a six-month-old to the zoo.

The pictures tell it all.
Harrison played it cool with the flamingoes.

He kept his composure with the giraffes.

He didn't even crack a smile for his friend Izzy (let's be honest - he wouldn't even look at her.)

What was his favorite part of the zoo?? Being lifted up on his parents' shoulders.

We had a great time, but next time we want to entertain Harrison, we'll save ourselves the trip across town in traffic and the cost of admission; we'll just put him up on our shoulders at home.
One final note, we are enjoying these toothless grins while we have them, since they are almost gone. Harrison has his first tooth coming in, so soon we won't even recognize our baby with his sparkling white smile.