Wednesday, May 27, 2009

What a week!

Harrison had quite a week of firsts this past week!!

He went swimming for the first time, so we had to document every step of the process.
Here he is in his lil' swimmers, eager to hit the pool.

Next step: he has his swimming suit on!! And, if I'm not mistaken, he is practicing his balance for surfing maybe? I think the happy look on his face is that he is looking at his favorite new toys: his feet. Next picture: post sunblock, pre-dip.

Finally - he made it in the pool!! He loved it so much. He was kicking his legs underwater and splashing around. (Thanks for the hat, Aunt Sheri!)

Harrison also had a visit from his cousins this week!! His Aunt Chanda and Uncle Cory and their girls, Alesha and Kylie, came down to LA to visit. He was a great baby while they were here and he showed them all the fun LA stuff to do!!

He took them to The Griddle (only the greatest breakfast place ever!) where the pancakes are probably bigger than Harrison is. It was his first time to go there too, and he loved sitting up in the booth like a big boy (hence the huge open mouth smile!) He tried drinking out of my water glass while we were there, so for once the huge wet spot on his bib is not all entirely drool!

He also went to the beach for the first time. He's been out to the beach before, but this was his first trip to have his swimsuit on and to be introduced into the ocean. However, Harrison had other ideas. After one second out in the sun with his Aunt Chanda, he wanted to be under the umbrella with his mom, where his eyelids promptly started to droop.

This was as much as he was willing to open them, before he drifted off to sleep.
He spent the rest of our beach day wrapped in towels out of the wind and asleep in my arms. Can you even SEE him in this picture?? Why oh why did we spend so much time sunblocking every inch of his body???

As if that wasn't enough fun for the week, Harrison also went to The Getty for the first time. I've never been so proud of my son - he's going to be a museum lover!! He spent the entire time at the museum in the following position:

I'm not kidding and that picture is not posed. He just wanted to see everything and could not stop looking around. He seems very relaxed in the museum environment, wouldn't you say?

Here's the family enjoying the gardens outside.

He's more than an art appreciating little child, however, he has his mischievous side.
See how innocent he looks in this picture. He was just plotting his move.

In one quick, lightning-fast movement, he went from happy baby to chewing on his favorite thing - my hair. He's a fast little sucker (pun intended.)

We are exhausted from all of the fun (and Harrison from acting like an angel while we had visitors - he even slept through the entire night once while they were here, what a show-off) but we love having visitors! So please come visit, if only so Harrison will sleep through the night to impress you!


Sara said...

I have the exact same expression every time I go to the Griddle! He must have also figured out the optimal butter usage. Smart little dude.

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

Kim, he looks so cute! Why is his belly different sizes in his little swimmers and his swimsuit though? Was he just sucking it in for the camera? I am going to come see you guys soon, stay tuned for an update?

J & M said...

Oh my gosh! You have a beautiful family!! And your little Harrison is so smiley :) Those pics are great! You all look so happy :)

Carmen said...

FINALLY and update! I am a little offended that you didn't even mention WHERE he had his first swim or with whom:( But, other than that I was so excited to see all the great pictures. He is adorable and you look BEAUTIFUL! Can't wait to see you both in a few weeks.

Kami said...

He is getting so big and is still so darn cute! I have to stop working and make time to come see you guys!!!

Brooke said...

oh my he is adorable!!! i'm coming soon too, maybe matt and i can coordinate our trips??

Shad and Brittany said...

He is absolutely, totally, adorable! Luv him!!


Renee said...

He has gotten so freakin' big! I just want to bite those little cheeks and belly! Looks like he's super excited about all of my favorite LA things...boy's got taste!