Thursday, July 15, 2010

Work Lunch!!

Well, the move is getting much more real as it gets closer. Our apartment is being stripped of its contents and simultaneously filled with packed boxes. This is Byron's last week at the Los Angeles office and his co-workers took him out to a farewell lunch today. To my delight, my "co-workers" surprised me with a going-away lunch at Cafe Rio!!

I like how not a SINGLE child (of the six in this picture!) is even looking at the camera. Harrison is enthralled with Zoey's sippy cup and little Lucy in the pink looks like she is deliberately avoiding the camera! We had a fun time (in between Harrison's throwing of grapes and stealing of the aforementioned sippy cup) and I'm going to miss these girls. And although some of my coworkers are small and camera shy, there were 19 people (and two fetuses) at my farewell lunch. I'll bet Byron's colleagues can't compete with that!!
There was one dark cloud over the festivities, however. I fear that my good friend Vic may be getting the wrong idea about the lifestyle I am leading. I ran into him a few weeks ago at Cafe Rio while he was there with his coworkers on his lunch break and I was there with a couple of these same friends. I already feared at that point that he believed me to lead a life of leisure, lunching with the ladies and what-not. To my dismay, he was there AGAIN today with his coworkers, only to witness another loud and happy ladies lunch. He'll probably never believe me that my life does indeed consist of more (and less happy) events that lunching with my lady friends. I'm only sorry that his future wife will probably pay the price for this misconception of motherhood he now holds.
Regardless, I am pretty certain that Harrison had a fun time.

This is his new favorite game. Sometimes I hear a muffled laugh from the backseat while I am driving and I don't even have to look to know he is back there playing this game and can't contain his laughter. Before you think that I am raising a gross little nose-picker, just know that he is equally enamored of his other facial features. He not only enjoys putting food in his own eyes, but also laughingly feeds his little baby doll her bottle into her eye, while proudly saying "eye!"
Today just reminded me how hard it is going to be to start over in a new city and leave behind all of the good friends I've gotten to know while living in LA. Although it has occurred to me that they may in fact be relieved to have me go, since I think a couple of their children were getting ideas about how fun Harrison's nose game looked...


D-dawg said...

hi KIM!

I was just checking out your blog and realized that I recognize the girl in the second picture on the left with the grey and white striped shirt. I photographed her sisters wedding 2 weekends ago up here in Danville! Funny!

and lol at Harrison picking his nose. He is adorable. Are you coming up for Dustin's wedding? You really should so we can see him again.

Brian, Emily, Charlie, and Lucy said...

Whoa. That girl who commented was my sister's photographer! What a small world!
And how in the world was I sitting right next to you the whole time this afternoon and manage NOT to see Harrison's amazing new game?!

Brooke said...

i want kids.

Sarah said...

I love Harrison's new game and the story about how he feeds his doll through her eye.

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

I think I found my new desktop background, thank you Harrison! No matter what you do you seem to enjoy it Kim, let me know if you need me to drive down there and help you move. I am sorry that I cannot have one more L.A. trip to see you guys, but I am sure there will be plenty of L.V. trips so never fear!

Juliann said...

So glad we got some Cafe Rio with you, one last least one last time in LA!! They have it in Vegas, right? And when we come out to see you, we'll get some more!

James said...

I think it was a great party!

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