Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hello again!

Sorry about the long wait, I have been horrible at keeping up on our blogging. Part of my hesitance to blog was thinking that I'd have to catch up on everything I haven't blogged in the last two months. But I've given up those ambitions completely, so I'll just start again from right now.

I'm actually inspired to blog because Byron has been SO nice to me lately, I wanted to think of something that I could do to be nice back. And starting to blog again will definitely make him happy. Although, typing on the computer is much easier than cleaning the bathroom and doing the laundry, so I think I got the better end of the deal. Thanks again, honey!

One reason I've been SO behind on blogging, is that in February I got called as Young Women's President in our ward!! If you can't believe it, just imagine how shocked I was. I spent an entire day asking Byron how the girls could look up to me, when I am so short (For some reason, I think girls need a tall, imposing leader that they can respect). And I believe Byron's favorite comment was when I was so overwhelmed I was yelling, "How can I be a role model?!" and (according to him) my mouth was full of food at the time. Very dainty, I know.

Here are my girls, cooking empanadas and making thank-you baskets for the old presidency:

As well as pigging out at In-n-Out after temple baptisms (I honestly had no idea how much young women could EAT) and then hitting Diddy Riese afterwards.

Yes, those four young people comprise the entire youth program in our ward!!

So, we had Byron's sister come into town over the weekend of St. Patrick's Day (and our one-year anniversary, love you honey!).

Byron is SUCH a great uncle, he woke the girls up early and took them to the flower market downtown and let them go CRAZY buying whatever flowers they wanted. The girls loved it, and they got to arrange the flowers themselves when they got home.

LA is great, ALL of these flowers were only $25 bucks!!

My contribution to St. Patrick's day is my absolute love of food coloring (thanks to growing up with my mom!) We had green German Pancakes, green scrambled eggs and green hashbrowns. That was the highlight of the holiday, as opposed to me being wakened by a huge man in green pinching me all over my body. I guess people show their holiday spirit in different ways!

Their plates were SO much more festive, before they added the ketchup. Party poopers!

We had such a good time with Chanda and her family--we wish they would visit every weekend! They loved hanging out in the house, relaxing. And we did NOT complain. And anyone who eats green food so happily is welcome back anytime!



YEAH~~!!! finally!!! I'm probably as happy as Byron right now... if only blogging kept chris happy:( i think he prefers clean dishes and laundry... both of which aren't done! so.... although you aren't tall... you I KNOW are the BEST y.w. pres.... you are soo fun so keep it up. your girls are soo cute.... and fun weekend with byrons neiecs.... and you don't even have kids and I'm nominating you for MOTHER OF THE YEAR!!! i can't beleive you made green food for st. patty's day... i didn't even tell my kids it was a holiday:( i'm HORRIBLE>.... sorry for the ramble... glad to see your back in the game!! can you tell i love blogging? lovies

lj said...

What does it say about our family that we both have a picture of green german pancakes on our blogs?


Maxine said...

I might have done a triple take when I saw your new post - "WHAA??" It's almost like Christmas! Or St. Patrick's Day!

Hey, congrats on your newest calling, Kimbo. I'm sure those gals really do look up to you. You may be short in stature, but you're mighty in, uh, everything else!

Rachel said...

WELCOME BACK!!! I totally missed you and your funnyness-is that a word?!?! YW is so much fun, I only did camp but I loved it!

Renee said...

Hooooray!!! I'm soooo happy you are back. I'm jealous of all of your St. Patty's day fun. You do know that's my favorite holiday, right? I can't believe that you think you're a bad YW President and your activities involve making empenadas, beautiful thank you baskets, and eating in-n-out. I'm so jealous!! I want you to be my YW president. Just because I'm turning 30 in a week doesn't mean I'm not still young at heart. And...I look up to you, both literally and figuratively :)

angie said...

Yea! you're back! That's awesome that you are Young Woman's Pres.- you will be the best, you're so fun. I am a little scared of YW myself and love primary- but I know someday I'll have my turn. I love the green food! You guys are so cute- come over the next time you are in UT!

Carmen said...


Denae (a.k.a. D-dawg) said...

Kim........... YW pres??? You'll do so great. I love that you're yelling about not being a good role model. I have not been in YW ever and I would have the same feelings as you. I know you'll do such a good job. Cute pictures!

Miss Molly said...

Oh dear. You and me both, sister! They called me to be the Primary the SPANISH BRANCH.

I'm so glad you are back to the blogging world so that I can get my Kim fix. You make me laugh like none other.