Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Thanks Granny Tanny!

Pictures have returned to the blog, thanks to my mom sending me a CD of some pictures she and Lisa took while Harrison and I were visiting. Now you can see Harrison enjoying his first time in the snow!!

This is Harrison, just taking in some sun before making his first snow angel (with a little assistance.)

Please note Harrison's lovely head control, as he prepares to sled for the first time.

Don't let his sour look confuse you, he LOVED it!!

My mom also got some pics of Harrison with his aunts and uncles, which I was really sad to have lost from my camera. This is Harrison in the arms of uncle physician and aunt attorney (almost). I'm hoping some of their success and brains will rub off on him...

And Harrison LOVED meeting his Aunt Lisa for the first time and playing with her boys!! Asher and Ollier are the CUTEST and I hope Harrison grows up to be just like them!

Asher did tell Lisa that Harrison was approximately number three on the list of people that he loves!!! It is SO fun to see Ollie run around, because he and Harrison are only a couple of pounds apart and almost the same height. So it is pretty surprising to see such a little boy able to run around - this is an action shot.

And, another reason to thank Granny Tanny and Grandpa - they let Lisa and I spend a night on the town while they babysat. This is us pretending that we can keep up with the college kids at "Thoroughly Modern Millie."

Thanks again Granny Tanny and Grandpa (both for the pictures and for the WONDERFUL visit!!)


Brooke said...

i would have liked this post, considering that i laughed out loud several times, but there wasn't one picture of me so i had to hate it.

Matt "Hacksaw" Harrison said...

I liked it a lot, that Harrison is a cutie. I think that bear outfit made him want to hibernate though.

Kami said...

Such cute pictures! I'm so glad your mom sent you some pics from your trip! LOVE the bear outfit - he should basically be wearing that everyday in this cold CA weather!