Saturday, January 31, 2009

Pictureless / Ode to Blogging

There will be no pictures on this post. Our camera has been stolen and I am so sad about it. It was stolen while I was flying home from my trip to SLC. This is particularly sad for a NUMBER of reasons, which I will now elaborate on.

1) We have a new baby! All of the pictures that I have taken of him in the past few weeks are now forever gone, which is the worst part of this whole thing. So those of you who wanted to see Harrison frolicking in the snow (including a picture of him dressed in a fuzzy bear suit and making a snow angel, no joke) will be suffering right along with me. I'm trying very hard not to think about all of the pictures of him that I will never see again.

2) I now hate and distrust people in general. Who steals from a women in an airport juggling a baby, a Boppy, a diaper bag, a coat, a sweatshirt, a burp rag, a car seat, a stroller and her boarding passes (while trying to put her shoes back on after coming through security). One answer may be: an opportunist. The more accurate answer is: a real jerk and scum-bag. My faith in people has been badly damaged by this incident. It was probably one of the people commenting on how darling Harrison was, who was actually planning right then how to pinch my camera!

3) I liked our camera. My dad commented on how nice our camera was just scant minutes before it was stolen. This comment and my swell of pride and contentment at his comment has been replaying in my mind over and over. I just didn't know how lucky I was then, or that someone would soon be taking that pride and contentment away with their stealing little fingers.

4) I had just taken pictures of my sister Jamie's bangs (which are SO cute) so that I could get my bangs adjusted accordingly. Now I have to walk around with a much less attractive set of bangs, as I have no picture to reference for my bang improvements.

5) In a related note, none of you will get to see a picture of my new bangs, or the VERY funny post that was going to accompany it. (This post was going to include a list of comments not to make about someone's new haircut, all of which were made to me by various members of my family after seeing my new 'do.)

6) I will be hard-pressed to find things to blog about, as pictures of Harrison has been the majority of my recent blogging. I'll try to seek out more interesting life experiences so I have something to write about. (Or I can just post painfully detailed descriptions of what Harrison looks like, since I won't have any pictures for the time being...)

7) Who has money to shell out on a new camera, when our perfectly wonderful camera is out there in the hands of some thieving individual?!

Silver lining and part two of this post - I'm SO glad that I posted some of the pictures from our trip for Byron to see, as they are now the only pictures of the trip that I have!! (read between the lines family members - please share any pics with me that you took in the last couple of weeks!!)

Byron has encouraged me to stop obsessing about the camera being gone. I think this blog has helped with that. Catharsis!


Maxine said...

So sad!! I hope you guys DO shell out some money for a new (even more awesome?) camera, because I so dearly want to see pictures! Plus, I fear that your already-too-infrequent posts will become entirely obsolete now. Please, for the sake of those not living in your general vicinity, get a new camera! :)

Matt "Hacksaw" Harrison said...

I hate thieves. I had two bikes stolen (in Provo, ironically) and I saved up the money when I was fifteen to buy one of those bikes. They stole from a fifteen-year-old's pocket. You should still post the bang comments though, that sounds funny.

Derek said...

I too have become jaded as the years go by. Cell phone companies, airlines, banks, and guys who sell furniture out of warehouses have taught me one overriding principle about life - people are jerks.

Renee said...

Oh Kimmy...I'm so sorry!! I can TOTALLY feel your pain. My camera was stolen on the 4th of July and it felt like someone did a roundhouse to my gut when I realized it was gone (and I don't even have baby pictures to preserve for posterity). I have yet to get a new camera and my blogging is suffering indeed. Don't follow in my footsteps. Power through! I know you have interesting things to write about!!

Brooke said...

ok ok it is sad that your camera is missing and all, but i have to stand up for the general public. while you were juggling the aforesaid objects, isn't it possible that you just misplaced it? then some poor said individual who didn't get a christmas and all they wanted was a camera comes along and happens to find one sitting on an airport seat. blessing in disguise?

Lorie said...

I'm so sorry! That is the worst. Seriously, how can people be so dishonest? Trent and I really need to come down and visit. I can't believe we haven't even met the little guy, yet. I have had a gift sitting at my house for months now. Hopefully, we'll make it down soon. You really need to go get a new camera quickly so you can take more pictures of your cute little guy!

Carmen said...

So Sorry, but you better get a new one soon! So, my mom told me that she thinks you should blog as a profession, she thinks you are hilarious! As do I. Talk to ya soon.

Karina & John Calderwood said...

Yuck! I am so sorry about that. That is completely awful. What are those security people doing sitting in dark rooms watching surveillance cameras? Playing cards??? ARGH!


what a jerk. that is so sad. i look forward to the day of more pictures of harrison and pictures of your BANGS??? wow.