Monday, January 05, 2009

Harrison Update!!

I won't even waste my time with excuses. I'll just focus on getting a few pictures of Harrison up, since who knows how long it will be before I post again!

I can't believe Harrison is already 2 months old. Time isn't necessarily racing by (it has definitely been the longest two months of my life, what with late-night feedings and all) but it is crazy how much Harrison has already grown up!! These pictures are in the same outfit, one is from mid-November and the other from late December. What a little Chubba-Nugget he has become!!!

Harrison is such a good little kid. Even though he has been sick with an ear infection and cough in the last week, he is still really sweet and happy. Unfortunately, we never seem to be able to catch him on CAMERA smiling. So you guys won't really have a good idea of how cute his little smile is!!

Here is a quick overview of our holiday season. In our house, we love to celebrate holidays, particularly by dressing for the occasion.

Here is happy little Harrison wearing his Thanksgiving outfit:

Here is Harrison in his Christmas pants from Grandma Williams.

Mom and Dad also get matching pants (can all of you Arrested Development fans out there say "MotherBoy?")

And you can't really get a more appropriate holiday outfit than being asked to play Mary, Joseph and Jesus for your church Christmas party!!

And finally, his little winter sweater to celebrate New Years Eve!! He's just waving hello to the camera!

The little tyke is due to be waking up for his nap soon, so I'll just post of a couple more of my favorites until I run out of time!!

Quite the relaxed baby, Harrison has always been comfortable with posing for the camera.

Case is point, in this one I think he is actually flexing for the camera!

One of my very favorites. When he's not smiling Harrison has such a cute, somber look on his face.

And now that he's so much older, Harrison loves to wear clothes that are a little more grown-up.

The funniest thing about how much I love to dress little Harrison is that I never really liked dressing my dolls up. So I guess I'm living a delayed childhood here, which my mother thinks is hilarious as I call her almost daily to let her know what cute little outfit Harrison is wearing. Even though I see the ridiculousness of it all, I still can't stop myself. I've become quite a cliche!

Now I'd better go take care of this baby!


Conni said...

How positively cute he is! We can see the proud parent glow from Virginia. :) You look great btw!

Amy Sue said...

Yay! Finally! I was just telling Sara yesterday that you never update your blog.

I am glad to hear that all is going well! Harrison is adorable. We need to do breakfast again soon!

Kami said...

Yay for finally posting pictures! He's so cute! Looks like you're having lots of fun!

Maxine said...

What a cute not-so-little baby!! But I totally understand about the dress-up game. Soon you'll get to do it multiple times per day when he gets old enough to feed and dump food all over himself!

Renee said...

Hooray!! Thanks for the pics!! He really is getting so big!! He is one very stylish baby...but what would he expect from a kid that's your son?? His first pair of Williams' pants are quite adorable. I hope he's appreciative of all the pants he'll one day have in his collection!

Nicole said...

Tooooo cute! Love the ensembles. He really has a sweet look to him. Hope the Leapers get to meet him soon!

Karina & John Calderwood said...

So GQ. I love that belly!

Matt "Hacksaw" Harrison said...

I see he doesn't like to wear a shirt, just like his Uncle Hacksaw. Also, I noticed he had a raisin stuck in his belly button in a picture, funny, but it might get infected if you leave it there. Little Harrison is quite a cutie however.