Friday, January 09, 2009

It's Smiley!!

I know, I know. I have a lot of catching up to do. So many Christmas pictures to post of this little guy. But I just couldn't resist posting a couple of pictures we finally got of him smiling!!

The first one is just mean. I'm pretty sure Harrison is only smiling in response to how hard his parents are laughing. What else were we supposed to do after dressing him in Pooh LITERALLY from head to toe (please note the Pooh face on his head)??!! I think this picture is going to make him cringe when he is grown up. It also proves another important fact - Harrison can make anything look adorable!!

This one is to not only showcase Harrison's winning smile, but also as a statement of how much we love living in California. Harrison is wearing his first pair of shorts today!! Granted, he is wearing tall sock and long sleeves (it IS January) but shorts none the less!!

This is my first real week of settling into motherhood at home, now that we are done with the holidays and Harrison is finally able to be happy in something other than his parents' arms. It is kind of exciting, but I'm learning quickly that I need a schedule more than he does!! (Otherwise Byron would probably come home to find me in a chocolate-induced coma in front of the telvision, watching Family Feud re-runs).

I've always been a list-writer, but feeling the need to structure my day without going to work has pushed me to a whole new level - I've created a spreadsheet of scheduled activities for Harrison and myself throughout the day. We have yet to stick to even half of what I've scheduled for us, mostly because Harrison is already quite a defiant and free-spirited little tyke who does not like to be told what to do. We'll see how it goes. But I have successfully cleaned the house once and I'm proud to say that Harrison and I are both dressed and presentable on a daily basis. Small victories!!

Next goal - I just have to figure out how to entertertain him now that he's awake for so many hours of the day. He's going to tire pretty quickly of my poor singing voice and my dancing (which is NOT poor, he's just not old enough to appreciate it.) I'm sure play time with Harrison is going to be much more enjoyable for him when he can control his own limbs!!


Kendra (some may call me Bendy) said...

HA! Just like Calvin.. And I quote, Hobbes- "Why are you wearing long pants? Its summer, aren't you hot?" Calvin- (Fuming face) "These ARE short pants! SHORT PANTS TOUCH MY FEET, OKAY??" HAHA. luv the pics of Halloweenie, Kimmer.

Matt "Hacksaw" Harrison said...

He sure is a cutie Kim.

Mrs. Merrell said...

Kim, I think you are funny. I hope blogging more often is one of your scheduled activities.

theflanfam said...

Oh my, he is a cute one! I snuck on your blog through Lindsey. Do you remember the good ol' BYU days? Sometimes I miss those...sometimes! It so fun to see your cute family!
Jena (used to be) Swogger

Shad and Brittany said...

He is totally adorable!! What a fantastic smile!

shadnstef said...

Harry looks soooo cute in "Poo"!!!

Renee said...

I have this fantastic image of you dancing your heart out and then forcing him to do the same by moving his legs and arms all around while he just stares at you strangely. I'm sure that can only be fun (for either of you) for so long :) I'm curious...what exactly does he want to do all day if not stick to your schedule?