Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Harrison loves his Portland Family!

Harrison finally met a few members of his family (and was reunited with some others) on our trip to Portland recently.

First stop: Leaperville. Population: Aunt Nikki, Naomi, Uncle Craig and Vienna.

Harrison loved sleeping at their house - he was especially intrigued with their ceiling fans. He had a great time playing with the dog, swinging on the hammock and eating raspberries in the yard. Basically, an ideal vacation.

I like this one, because it looks like Harrison is laughing uproariously at a joke Nikki has made. In actuality, I think he might be crying.

This is Harrison playing with Vienna. He had SO much fun playing with her, to our dismay he absolutely LOVES dogs and laughed so hard every time she licked him.

And the dog next to him, the one with the purple silky leash, was my dog, Sparkles, for the duration of the trip. She is otherwise known as Naomi.

And here is Naomi, in a rare moment as a Ninja, as opposed to Sparkles.

Harrison also got to see Uncle Matt, Aunt Brookie and Aunt Jamie out at the beach house.

Hard to believe, but they’re all single (and awesome)! And here are just a few other portraits I found when I looked at my camera after leaving it alone with them. I can only imagine they were taken with hopes that they would end up on my blog.

I definitely think I’ve just done my part in helping them get married. Feel free to comment if you need their contact information…

Back to the trip, his biggest highlight was probably this moment with Jamie. Right before he spit his binkie out and ate some sand.

Harrison LOVED playing with his cousins, Ollie and Asher, and his Aunt Lisa and Uncle Brian. Asher and Oliver were both more than willing to demonstrate for Harrison how to crawl. They also shared their toys with him, fed him chocolate crepes, swam in the pool with him and generally showed him a great time!

Ollie made sure that Harrison always had more than enough toys while he was in the high chair. Whenever I looked away, Ollie had put another toy up there.

He had a ton of fun at their house!

He also rode his first streetcar, with quite an entourage, to see Portland State University, where his Aunt Brookie is starting this fall.

I think Portland really made an impression on Harrison. I think this look pretty much sums up what a great trip he had. Pure, open-mouth excitement.

Thanks for showing us such a fun time, Portlanders!!


Sara said...

I think he has my favorite smile currently featured on blogs featuring babies.

Oh, and miss you!

Brooke said...

kimmie bear, you are so fun and funny!! i laughed out loud several times, mostly at your spawn laughing like a hyena.

Caroline said...

oh man, he is a cutie. i love those big blue eyes and the open-mouthed smile is to die for.

lance said...

You made me quite jealous that i couldn't be there kimmy. that pic with harrison and nicole with him uproariously laughing makes me laugh, he looks so unabashedly happy!

Nicole said...

He was unabashedly happy! I gave him a complete tour of our house and showed him the ceiling fans in every room. He was delighted.

We had soooo much fun with you guys. Come back soon!

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

I guess I wont ask to be on the blog anymore, I'm not really sure what I was doing in the one. It was so fun to see you guys and hang out at the cabin.

Lorie said...

Seriously, he is so stinkin cute! I can't believe how much he has changed since we last saw him. I think Trent and I need to come visit again soon.

Brooke said...

by the way, facebooking these soon?