Friday, August 21, 2009

Where is the man I married?

Byron and I dated for quite a few years before we got married, and I would have felt comfortable saying that I knew him very well. In fact, getting married was not even the huge transition I expected it to be, since we knew each other so well there were almost no surprises as we began our married life. However, people do say that spouses can change over time, "letting themselves go," if you will. Well, it has happened to me. This is a sight I never expected to see:

He didn't even stop reading when I got out the camera. I was not being stealthy.

I am the book worm in the family, and I hold that title proudly. You might wonder why I'm not more happy and excited about Byron's new-found interest in literature. And in theory, I would have welcomed the change. However, I now have new understanding of why Byron gets irritated when I become immersed in a book and never want to stop reading. It is boring for the other person! I was forced to reduce myself to pestering, tickling and talking nonstop about nonsense in an effort to hold his attention. A failed effort.

So I eventually decided to be the bigger person, and settled down to read a book of my own. But when Byron finished reading his book, I realized my folly - I had unleashed a monster. Now the pestering, tickling and talking nonstop was directed at me. As a result, I have concluded that it is much more amusing when you are the pesterer and much more irritating that the pesteree. How something that is so endearing, humorous and silly when I do it can become quite the opposite when Byron does it is a mystery to me.

And the worst part is, I'm the one who got him the book and encouraged him to read it!! So for anyone out there hoping their husbands will change, improve or begin to share more of their interests, please, just enjoy the status quo.


Carmen said...

Finally, you understand! Oh, I really have no other words. Thank you Byron for showing Kim the folly of her ways!

Brooke said...

i even took a picture of this anomaly.

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

What book was Byron reading? That must be a good one to hold his attention so thoroughly. Hmmm? Great post though Kim.

The Bentley's said...

and thw worst worst worst part is.... that looks very very familiar... aka Breaking Dawn... or possibly eclipse? They are very similar... So what did he think? was he happy with the outcome? jacob or edward fan? is he looking forward to November 20... you know release date of new moon movie... i am going at midnight... has he watched the twilight movie yet?? don't be shy byron... it's hard not to love those books.. trust me, I'm a twilight JUNKIE!! yea for reading them!!

Gwendolyn said...

I second--looks incriminatingly like a Twilight book to me!

The Boyers said...

Hehe. So true! I just went through the same thing with Jason last week. I thought vacation = time with your amazing wife; he thought vacation = time to finally read a book at every moment of the day and night. In the end, he came to his senses. :)

I'm sad we don't get the updates at playgroup every week now. Harrison is walking? How fun! Wish I was there to see that cutie! Good luck with the morning runs... yikes!