Thursday, August 20, 2009

Called to Serve!!!

My little sister Renee got her mission call yesterday!! She was so patient and accommodating so that everyone could be there; the East Coaster's were finding out at 1 AM!! But with all of the web cams and speaker phones and conference calls, all of the family was listening when she announced she was going to SINGAPORE!!! And speaking Indonesian! WHAT??!!

I'm so excited for her that I almost wish I had been on web cam. Here's a little word picture for you: Harrison was already asleep and I didn't want to wake him, so my usual use of verbal volume was not an option. Instead, I involuntarily opted for excited body spasms on the bed. Poor Byron thought I was having a seizure as I silently threw my legs and my body in the air, time and time again. I just couldn't contain myself. I'm so excited for her.

She is going to be such a super missionary. In all seriousness, I'm actually getting emotional right now just thinking about it. Renee has always been good at setting her mind to something and consequently becoming brilliantly successful at it, and I’m sure teaching the gospel will be no exception. All of her great qualities are going to be so appreciated by her companions and by the people she teaches: her love of fun, her infectious happiness, her easy laugh, her consideration for others, her determination and her love of the gospel (just to name a few). I'm sad she'll be so far away, but I know she is going to do such a good job and bless so many people's lives. I have to stop blogging now so that I can cry for a little bit. And then go call Renee and take advantage of her while she is still here!!

I love you Renee and I'm SO proud of you!


Matt "Hacksaw" said...

Renee will do so good, she has always been adventurous. She has been on Wikipedia looking stuff up all day, saying things like, "Maybe I'll be a linguist."

renée said...

kim, you are great. I loved the silent seizuring! matt's right about wiki, i already know how to say red car, mobil merah. singapore here i come!!! ps, love the pic

Carmen said...

Great picture first of all! Second..I can totally visualize your seizing and I am laughing. Third...congrats Renee, Asia is AWESOME!!!!! You will do great.

Jennifer, Scott and Noah said...

How can she be old enought to be going on a mission. It seems like just yesterday I was back in the home ward, living with my parents and working with her in YW.