Thursday, August 06, 2009

Family Photo Op

People have been telling me to blog more. You might be sorry. This is quite lengthy and probably boring, unless you are a member of my family and love having your picture splashed on the Internet.

When Harrison was first born, Byron and I were a little sad that we didn't live closer to our families. We worried that he would grow up missing out on how fun his family was, because we would be living so far away. Let's just say, that is not turning out to be an issue. Just in the last two months Harrison has visited all of his extended family on both sides, (except Nikki, Karl and Lisa - but we're coming to Portland this weekend!!) on multiple occasions. Here are some highlights...

A visit from the Hansens. And although this is supposed to be a blog focusing on Harrison, I can't resist the opportunity to show my nephews all trying out Harrison's stroller...

We had to test out the claim that our stroller takes up to 70 pounds. And now we know it does.

Harrison of course saw tons of my family on our trip to Utah.

Harrison loves Granny Tanny and Grandpa Harrison, even when they are not quite looking their best.

Starting with the oldest sibling in Utah, Tracy, who is currently using Harrison as practice for her upcoming Thanksgiving baby. Yes, I am aware he has crazy eyes in this picture, but it is the only picture I got of Tracy. The pregnant are so darn camera shy.

Next up, Jamie, who gets a double photo op for making Harrison look so good. The better you make Harrison look, the more pictures you get posted on my blog. Unfortunately, this threat does not hold a lot of weight, as my posts are so few and far between.

I love how Harrison is looking at the camera, knowing that he has been caught sucking jewelry, which is strictly forbidden. Aunt Jamie is such a softy.

Harrison even got some face time, miraculously, with his incredibly busy, rock star aunt, Kendra. She showed him the sights of the local Walmart. Look at the wonder in his eyes!! If he could talk he'd be saying, "Why don't we have one of these at home mom?!!"

And here they are practicing their very serious "model-staring-off-into-space-look." And that's not just funny blogging, we actually said that as we were taking the picture.

Uncle Lance. I don't know how he does it, but he and Harrison always look so handsome in every picture I take of them. People would think I favored one sibling if I put all of the awesome pictures up that I have of those two together, so I'll limit myself to two. For now.

Aunt Renee. Harrison loved seeing you in Utah, but he wishes you would visit more. Is it wrong to hope you get your mission call to Los Angeles??

Aunt Brooke. Who also gets two pictures, but NOT because she makes Harrison look good. Actually, these photos are going to be a lesson in photo etiquette for her.

1) Putting a toy on Harrison's head does not make him look good, Brooke.

2) Neither does giving the camera your sexy look. But you do look nice.

Uncle Trent - Thanks for coming out to visit us!! You've inspired us with your ability to eat great quantities of frozen pot pies (you left one in the freezer, for next time), drink incredible amounts of soda and stay up until just before Harrison and I get up in the morning. Also, you've shown us that even grown up 17 year olds still love their cartoons (as do law students, Matt.) We loved your trip and it made us excited for you to come again next summer. I love this tradition!

Back the the Williams', Harrison with his Aunt Sheri and his cousins. It's hard to tell how much fun he has with them, right?

Harrison also took his first trip to the Cabin!! He loved it, except for the part where he screamed every night at 2 in the morning. Sorry everyone!! This is also the only picture of Byron and I on this blog. I'm the one in the teal sweatshirt. Funny, Lance.

Simple quiet fun at the Williams' house. What started as a calm bath with cousin Kylie.

And resulted in a family party, including a co-ed bath.

And finally, Harrison's only uncle who resides in the great state of California. We love having Matt down to visit. He came down once with Lance and once with Trent.

I love the full spectrum of smiles here: closed mouth, teeth; open mouth, teeth; open mouth, no teeth, drool. I'm sure you see the family resemblance.

That should help.

Harrison loved hanging out with his uncles and he wants to be just like them. However, he has yet to perfect the sexy turned-body, head leaned on elbow look that these two have obviously mastered.

And we loved getting a visit from Uncle Shad, Aunt Stef and cousin Mia. We had quite a few cute pictures of them together, but for some reason this one is my favorite. Every time Harrison squeaked at Mia to initiate a conversation, she would burst into tears. Literally, fat tears rolling down her cheeks. Eventually, her crying would confuse him to the point of tears as well. So being the good parents we are, we grabbed our camera. Then comforted the kids.

We love our families and although our summer has been packed with traveling and with visitors, (including our trip this weekend to introduce Harrison to the Pacific Northwest and his Aunt Nikki and Cousin Omi!!) we always welcome more!!


Nicole said...

Yay! We can't wait! I'm sure Harrison will love Puddletown. I can tell he is a very enthusiastic person. See you soon...

Renee said...

I am such a terrible blog reader these days, but I'm so glad I happened upon this one. It was nothing but boring. I will admit that I laughed out loud on numerous occasions. I'm SO sad that I don't live in Portland anymore. Why the heck did you wait so long to visit????

Brian Merrell said...

oh my gosh... the co-ed bath is hilarious. i did a double take. i love how byron is the only one (besides the babies) who looks naked. funny.

Brit Warner said...

I love that the aunt and uncle pictures never end!! That is fun for Harrison!

Sara said...

Kimmy, I love to look at the pictures of little Harrison. He is such a cute baby! Please tell Tracy congratulations for me!

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

It's called an armshelf. Harrison just gets cuter and cuter, but these pictures show that the looks just run in the family.