Monday, April 12, 2010

Big Sur

A couple of weeks ago we camped at Big Sur, on the coast up north in Central California. It is SO beautiful there, we loved it and I think Harrison had a good time.

We went with some friends from LA, some friends from San Francisco, my brother Matt came down from San Francisco and Byron's sister and her family came from Las Vegas. Harrison loved being reunited with is friend Izzie and spending time with his cousins!

This is the view from our campsite. Yes, that is the ocean in the background!!

And just when you think it can't get any more beautiful, something improves the scenery...
I like this picture, because i feel like they kind of have the same shy smile on their faces, both too coy to look at the camera!

We saw a pod of whales, a bunch of dolphins, and altogether too many chipmunks. However, this was our closest and most dangerous encounter with the wildlife. Harrison was unharmed.
Here we are with our little vampire child at a little trickle of a waterfall that was NOT worth the major hike it took to get there!

We were so close to the ocean, we could hear the waves at night. And the moon was SO bright, that it cast our shadows in the middle of the night, seriously!! I know that sounds beautiful and everything, but actually it was a NIGHTMARE. I woke up having to go to the bathroom (which never happens to me, but of COURSE it would happen when we are camping in the freezing cold wilderness). And, of course, I don't really know what time it is because we are camping and Byron has his watch somewhere nestled in his warm cocoon of a sleeping bag. But it was light, so I knew it was dawn and was going to be morning soon. So, I laid in bed (in bladder agony) for seriously an HOUR, waiting for it to be fully light and morning so I could go to the bathroom. Finally, after an eternity, the sun hadn't really risen yet, so I woke Byron and asked for the watch. It said one-thirty in the morning. I honestly looked at it for about two minutes, not understanding how that could be possible. I seriously almost died of disappointment and came very close to crying, it was ridiculous! After waiting all that time, not only did still I have to trek alone in the cold, frozen night to the bathroom (I barely survived) but then I still had hours and hours of cold, camping night ahead of me. I felt very, very picked on. I blame it on my faulty bladder and that freakishly bright moon.

You might feel less bad for me when I mention that I was sleeping on an air mattress, in a tent. Here is how my brother Matt slept in the same cold night.

Yes, that blue tarp burrito is him. Here is proof: that is his nose and his eyebrows.
This picture really is candid, and he really was still asleep!

I actually had a great night after I fell asleep again, and so did Harrison who slept the whole night in his pack n' play without a problem despite the cold. He woke up before we did, stood up in his crib and woke me by saying "MOM!" with his face about six inches from mine. I have only rarely woken up laughing, but that was definitely the case that time!

I actually think Harrison loves nature. This is him looking at the scenery (and okay, maybe there was also a big dog that he was looking at in rapture, but we try not to encourage him to want a dog.)

We had such a fun time and I would encourage everyone to take a trip to Big Sur!! (Although, if you want your trip to be perfect, consider packing a catheter...)


Kami said...

Reading this blog entry has single handedly reminded me why I REFUSE to ever camp. Keep in mind Byron's favorite phrase, "camping is mocking the homeless." I have to go to the bathroom now just from reading this!

Cute baby though and good pictures!

Brian, Emily, and Charlie said...

Kim -
1. You are my favorite person in the world. Period.
2. That picture of Harrison looking at the dog in rapture is ADORABLE! (and hilarious, knowing the story)
3. I love reading your blog -- I can hear your voice saying the words as I read them -- you've got writing skillz, girlfriend.
4. Those pictures of the campsite are gorgeous (almost pretty enough to make me look into buying a catheter to go camping...almost!)

Jamie said...

Why is harrison so darn cute. oh, he takes after his awesome aunt. me, just to be clear.

Brooke said...

haha i'm sure it wasn't a hour that you waited, it was probably like a minute and a half.
also, i was at work when i read this, and i was laughing so hard, it's ok all my co-workers were probably like, oh--regular brooke. and it only got better and better. that last picture of Harrison is the funniest thing i have EVER seen. Just thinking about it is making me laugh.

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

Great pictures sister, you know I'm always down to camp!

Brooke said...

I just reread this post, and I cannot stop laughing at the picture of Harrison. It is so funny.
(It is really hard to laugh silently in the computer lab at school)