Thursday, March 25, 2010

Happy Birthday Byron!

Byron turned 33 this week!! It was so fun that it was on a Saturday AND Byron didn't have to work. We started with breakfast, my favorite meal of the day. I am just starting to learn after years of knowing Byron that the delicious breakfast delights I want to bake for him on his birthday are NOT the delicious delights that he wants to eat. This year I finally got it right with DK doughnuts.

I guess Harrison likes them too, look at that devilish look of pleasure as he reaches for the plate (I don't think he had even had doughnuts before, so I guess it is something in the Williams DNA). And below he is signing "more" very excitedly...Byron decided on spending his birthday down in Orange County with a couple of his friends we haven't seen in ages.

It was so fun to see Jeff and Lisa and their adorable kids (and to eat the number one rated ice cream in Orange County!!)

Wow, Harrison got a lot of sugar on Byron's birthday!! In our family, we like to celebrate BIG!

Then we went even further into Orange County to see our good friends Floyd and Kathy and to reunite Harrison with his long lost friend, Maddy.

Even though Harrison hadn't seen Maddy in about a year, he made himself right at home. He played with all of her toys and climbed into her toy box as if it was his own!

He loved Maddy's park and even went down a big slide solo for the first time. He loved it!

But, I must admit, the crowning achievement of Byron's birthday was his birthday cake, made by yours truly.

I told Byron a couple of weeks ago that I would make any cake he wanted, he just had to pick a recipe. So he dutifully searched through our cookbooks and online until he settled on this delightful chocolate layer cake with raspberry/whipped cream filling and a chocolate ganache.

I don't even LIKE chocolate cake, and I have to admit I enjoyed it. Byron has eaten a piece every night this week, until Wednesday night when he sadly enjoyed the last piece.

Byron has never really thought celebrating birthdays should be a huge deal, and that is one area we truly disagree. But after the cake and the pampering all day on his birthday, I think I am really converting him to big birthday celebrations!! In fact, Sunday he kept claiming he should have to do anything because it was still his birthday WEEKEND!

Happy Birthday Byron! I hope you had a great one!


Carmen said...

Happy Birthday Byron, I think it was probably a GREAT one with all of that fun!

Sarah said...

Happy Birthday Byron! Kim, I am pretty sure if I did not feel the same way as you about birthdays already, you would have convinced me with that cake.

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

Wow, Harrison is getting so big, and Byron is right to want donuts. Looks like a great birthday all around. You better post that cake recipe and I am looking forward to seeing you all this weekend!

Maxine Parrish said...

Happy birthday Byron!! Sounds like the best one ever!

The Bentley's said...

um.... can you say delicious?? that cake looks like heaven!

Becca Theurer said...

Happy Birthday Byron! That cake looked so yummy. I'm very impressed. And hungry for cake. I have the same situation here...I'm still trying to convince Derek that birthdays are a huge holiday. I'll have to take tips from your birthday extravaganza to see if I can win him over this year.

Brooke said...

kim, i am so impressed not only with your baking skills, but your newly found speed at blogging!
every time i open your page, there is a new blog, and it makes my day every. time.
happy b-day byron! i celebrate birthdays by years, so you should at least get a weekend.

Jodie said...

Wait a minute, you were in our hood and you didn't call to say hi??!!
Happy Birthday Byron! You old man!

Brooke said...

comment #2:
Byron is wearing a UCLA shirt?

Conni said...

At first I saw the balloon's and thought that you were having a 3rd birthday party for Harrison. Then I saw Byron with a hat on and got really confused that he was turning "3". LOL That's what I get for not reading first.
Yay, for Byron...even he is older than I am. :) Happy Birthday!

Brian, Emily, and Charlie said...

Oooh! That cake was SO yummy! I still can't believe that you guys would let any of that cake leave your home -- but I sure am grateful! Happy birthday (again) Byron:) You guys are the greatest!