Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Not quite sure what to think...

I had a very strange experience at the Santa Monica Library yesterday, and I'm still not quite sure what to think. I have to start with a confession: I am reading the Percy Jackson series.

I'm not sure what category this book falls under, but I'll gladly admit you can find it in both the children's and the teen fiction areas in the library. My niece recommended it to me and I really like reading children's books sometimes (and for anyone else out there with an open mind for youth literature - I loved The Hunger Games also!)

This brings me to my interesting experience at the library. I was holding Harrison and was in line to check out the second book in this series, when a tween in front of me in line struck up a conversation, because she recognized the book in my hand. She had read the series and we talked for a minute about the books and the movie.

THEN she said, gesturing to Harrison, "He's reading Percy Jackson?" And I must note, she said this not sarcastically or even incredulously, but with only mild admiration at the reading level of my 16-month old. I laughingly corrected her, "Oh no, I'M reading them." At which her face then rearranged itself into a look of pure shock, along with a tiny twinge of revulsion and pity.

Which leaves me not quite sure what to think. Are the youth of this generation so out of touch that they truly believe a child of Harrison's age is READING a 350 page book without pictures, or have I just gotten so old that it is easier to believe a toddler would be reading this book rather than someone as ancient as me? I remain baffled, but very entertained by the whole encounter.


The Bentley's said...

I'm surprised that your so surprised. Olivia is currently reading Moby Dick and Mormon Doctrine. Percy Jackson is way too Juvenile for her....... Don't worry I'im sure Harrison will be there in no time. :)))))

That is pretty funny though. That's how I feel when people know I like twilight... like I'm too grandmotherish to be reading such fiction.
Have fun!!! I bet you already finished it. I know about your addiction.... I'm on Byrons side...:)))

Kami said...

That is too funny! Remember how old we used to think people our age were when we were kids? Especially the fact that you're married with a kid...she probably did think you were old! We know better though! Read whatever makes you happy! I really would love to hear her side of the story that she's telling her friends about this MOM who is reading Percy Jackson books!!!

Derek and Becca Theurer said...

Ha! Nice to know that kids are learning reasoning these days. At least Harrison looks like a very intelligent child.
Personally, I am in full support of juvenile lit. Sometimes I get tired of symbolism and ??? and I just need a good story. Kid's literature seems to have a lot of those.

Brooke said...

listen to you, libraries, long walks on the beach, living in the 310.
You're a sim.

Shad and Brittany said...

That is hilarious! And just to let you know...I loved the Hunger Games too!!


Rachel said...

Hahahaha. That is excellent. I have shared it with my nieces and nephews (we range from 8-15) and they all thought that tween was, and I quote, "out of it". We were cracking up. I love the Percy Jackson series. Read all the books in about 2 1/2 weeks. :)

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

You're not a tween anymore Kim, that is just the reality of the situation. Speaking of tweens, I think Harrison is closer to being a tween then you, so maybe she just picked the person closest to her age? Their brains are still under-developed at that age.