Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What happens in Vegas...

Harrison and I spent a few days in Vegas with my in-laws last week while Byron was recruiting at BYU for work.

We definitely kept ourselves busy. We started by broadening our palates with a lemon to suck on, courtesy of Grandpa Williams:

We had the camera out, ready to record his sour expression, only to see him instead signing "more."

He is definitely related to his grandfather, he loved sucking lemons with him. (Even though I know dentists everywhere are cringing right now, his poor enamel!!)

He endured his first real haircut, but he didn't enjoy it. Thanks Aunt Tera!!

We worked on developing our talents, both musically and athletically.

Please note the appearance of a comb-over in this shot!! Don't worry, this was PRE-haircut, and is probably what prompted the haircut!

(Harrison LOVES basketball! He goes crazy every time we see people playing at the park - shrieking "ba-ball" and laughing hysterically. Boy, do I hope my short genes haven't ruined his chances at a future in the sport!)

When I was pregnant with Harrison, my three nephews suggested to me that I name him "Tony." I thought this was very sweet and original, until they explained "Tony, as in Tony Hawk." We didn't go with the name, but obviously he is in agreement with the spirit of the idea.

And Harrison rode his first tricycle!!

With a little assistance from his cousin!

We even got to spread our love of reading while we were there!! It was Reading Week in Nevada (maybe I DO want to live there, that sounds amazing...) So Harrison and I read a book to my sister-in-law Sheri's class during school. The kids were CRAZY about Harrison. I tried to get a good picture of it, but he was literally SO engulfed by children at all times that you couldn't even see little Harrison in any of the pictures. Harrison loved it and we had such a fun time.

We had a great tune with Byron's family!! On Friday, Byron met us in Vegas for the weekend and we drove home together. I still can't decide what my favorite part of the ride home was.

Either this:

Or this:


Sarah said...

I know I say this all the time, but Harrison is looking so grown up. Maybe Izzie won't recognize him when they reunite. Although, I doubt a spark like theirs can be so easily extinguished.

Carmen said...

He really is so grown up, he just looks like such a little boy! Crazy! The trip looks like fun and I love that you are blogging all of your goings on.

Matt "Hacksaw" said...

The first I thought when I saw the picture was: "comb-over?" even before I read the caption. I hope that doesn't make a reappearance anytime soon. He is looking so big too!