Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Brookie, You are IT!

My sister Tracy tagged me and said completing this would be a punishment. However, I’m not sure who is getting the greater punishment, me or the reader. I choose to pass this along to my little sister Brookie, because I think her answers will be VERY funny!!

10 Favorites...

Color- Black. Sometimes I have to put myself on a “black ban” when I’m shopping, otherwise everything I buy is black or gray. I guess I’m kind of the gloomy type.

Food- Breakfast food, for sure. Usually of the sweet variety, I mean, eggs are okay, but who wouldn’t prefer eating something that could be sugared or syruped??!! And don’t get me started on cereal, YUM.

Song- all-time favorite song is just too hard. But I do like the Chitty-bang-bang song (the Asher Merrell version, which I heard this morning on the phone)

Movie- Byron will be horrified if I put “Love and Basketball” but it is probably the movie that I’ve watched the greatest number of times. C’mon, we all have our guilty pleasures…

Sport- bowling

Season- Spring or fall. Luckily, we’re right by the ocean and it always feels like that by us!! Okay, maybe not ALWAYS, but a lot.

Day of the Week- Friday – no work!! And the weekend is just beginning…

Ice Cream Flavor- Breyer's definitely. I like the cherry vanilla, especially because Byron hates it and doesn’t eat any of mine!!

Time of Day- Right now I’d have to say 10:30 am. My achiness has worn off from a bad night’s sleep and I haven’t yet started to feel the uncomfortable-ness that sets in during the afternoons and evenings. But when I’m not pregnant – 8:00 pm.

9 Currents...

Mood- happy!! Not too much work to do, and tomorrow is my last day before maternity leave!!

Taste- I just ate a cherry starburst, which is lingering delightfully.

Clothes- Black shirt (surprise, surprise), jeans, and flip flops. Yes, I am at work. Being pregnant has its benefits. No one has even mentioned that I’ve only been wearing flip-flops for the past month!!

Desktop picture-

Toenail color- neutral/grown-up lavender (if you ask my pedicurist), teenage purple if you ask Byron (Thanks again for the pedicure, Jessica!!)

Time- 11:30 am

Surroundings- work

Annoyances- The nurses across the cubicle from me who love to laugh so loudly it is frightening.

Thought- Our baby is SO big. He is kicking so much right now, my stomach is out of control. He must like Starbursts too!!

8 Firsts...

Best Friend- Tamera Hunter, 9th grade geometry class and Mr. Turner changed our lives!

Kiss- Josh N. It was up in the mountains and very romantic (expect the part I played in it.)

Pet- Petey, my little turtle who I love and miss.

Crush- Simon, my kindergarten boyfriend (who I guess was technically my first kiss, but he wasn’t too involved.) I also had a crush on two sixth graders (Nick and Dominic) at the time. I was such a boy-crazy little 5 year old!

Music you remember hearing-This is too weird, but I have to agree with my sister’s answer on this “I just remember LOVING the song "lose control" by Eric Carmen, you know: turn the radio up/for that sweet sound/hold me close never let me go/keep this feeling alive/make me lose control. . . AWESOME. Of course my mom didn't like that song because it was about losing control (I'm not joking)” How often did that song get played in our house?? I also liked “Right Here Waiting” by Richard Marx…

Car- Little Boy Blue, my pastel blue hatchback Honda Civic. What a great car.

Speeding Ticket- Only one - a couple of years ago (in Tracy’s car – darn those Portland plates!) while visiting Utah. I hate Utah for not letting me do traffic school, so that ticket has actually cost me like $700 in raised insurance rates over the last couple years. And yes, I’m bitter about it.

7 Lasts...

Cigarette- Never.

Drink- water. Chocolate milk last night, if you want something more exciting.

Car Ride- I drove to work this morning. And I drove my young women home from our activity last night. Exciting, I know.

Kiss- This morning.

Phone Call- Byroni. Although my favorite phone call of the morning was referenced earlier, with my nephew singing me Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

CD played- The new Jack’s Mannequin. And I actually have been listening to it on CD in my car. When you want to listen to the same songs over and over, a CD really is the way to go. None of this lugging around my cumbersome Ipod.

6 Have you evers...

Dated one of your best friends- Of COURSE. It’s the only way to date!!

Broken the law- I think I accidentally shoplifted a bagged salad the other day, but I’m not positive.

Been arrested- Of course not.

Skinny dipped- Yes, thanks to my primas, what a bad influence. It was pretty fun until Carmen thought it would be funny to turn the underwater lights on in her pool. Then it was more awkward than funny.

Been on TV- I have been on the news more than once growing up. But I always end up saying these short little sound bytes (usually puns) that sound REALLY funny to me when I say them, and then are ridiculous when replayed for the world to hear. It’s humiliating, even for a 6th grader.

5 Things (5 for each)...

You're wearing-two flip flops, two earrings and makeup.

You've done today- Fallen asleep while watching the morning news and arrived at work late, gone to the bathroom three times, IM-ed Kami, IM-ed Jennica, talked on the phone. Oh yeah, I’m sure I also did some work?

You can hear right now-someone stapling, co-workers on the phone, my computer struggling to work, someone yawning (audibly, no joke), and those darn nurses laughing.

You can't live without- Byroni, good friends, AWESOME family, gossip girl (j/k, xo xo) and possibly Cap’n Crunch (with crunch berries)

You do when you're bored- plan obsessively for the baby’s arrival, pester Byron at work by email and phone, eat, sleep.

4 Places you have been today...

1. My bedroom
2. The bathroom
3. My living room
4. Work (exciting, I know)

3 People you can tell anything to...

1. Byron
2. Tracy
3. My girlfriends!

2 Choices...

1. Go to the bathroom or just sit a little longer. This is a common choice I am faced with, multiple times a day.

2. Begin working or eat another Starburst and read people’s blogs. (Not that I am the slacker I appear to be, but with only one more day of work left, I’ve really finished all of my work, now it’s just a matter of cleaning out my desk)

1 Thing you want to do before you die...

1. Own a house. Sigh.

Wow, that was long. Back to work!



you are too cute! that was fun to read:)

D-dawg said...

Kim you're so cute. Great tag.

I can't believe you're due so soon- I'm excited!

Rachel said...

Very funny post! Good luck in the next couple of weeks I can't wait to see pictures of little Bubba!