Friday, October 10, 2008

Pregnancy on Fast Forward

Okay - I will be the first to admit that we have been horrible at blogging. Not only that, we have also been quite awful at photo-documenting my pregnancy (so we have none of the usual pregnancy pose pictures!!) The last blog that showed me pregnant was in MAY (only 4 months pregnant!) So here is a quick catch up of the last few months.

June 2008 - We didn't take any pictures!!

Apparently July was the most attractive month in my pregnancy, because we had plenty of pictures to choose from for that month. After that, it was slim pickings.

Our family reunion in Portland and at the Oregon coast. Boy, my siblings like to touch their little nephew!
Sharing a sucker with my lucky little baby at the Williams' cabin in Southern Utah, with Ali.

August 2008 - Matt is leaving for San Francisco to start law school!!

Notice anything getting bigger?? Sept 2008 - The Williams' family threw my sister-in-law (Stef) and I a joint baby shower. Stef is due in December with a girl. This is the cousins' first picture together, basically giving each other five!

October 2008 - Three weeks to go!! Thank heavens I'm in black, although when I'm wearing my teal sundress, I'm positive I look identical to that cake - other than the outie. This may be too much information, but my proudest accomplishment of this pregnancy is that I do NOT have an outie. Just a flattie! (Perfect for two reasons: Easy for cleaning and it doesn't pose any fashion issues!) However, the swollen elephant ankles may outshine any other positive aspects of my body at this point!!

I will have to post a picture soon that actually shows how pregnant I am, it is pretty incredible. I had no idea this was physically possible. I have actually reached a point in my pregnancy where the following things have happened in the last week alone:

1) The doctor told me we are just waiting for me to go into labor. SCARY!
2) two people have double-checked with me that there is only ONE baby in there. (Who knows how many people have checked with other peole to confirm that I'm not having twins?!)
3) Countless people have started telling me how I look "ready to go" at any minute and started giving me tips about what to do when my water breaks. Fun.
4) Two different co-workers have audibly GASPED when I stepped out from behind a file cabinet and my full figure (no pun intended) came into view

My only saving grace is that I am actually due in just a few weeks. I'd be feeling pretty bad if these comments had started a month ago!!

From the look of this blog I could be a single mom, since Byron is only in one picture. So I'll stick in a few choice pictures of him in the last few months, showing not only how helpful and fun he has been this pregnancy, but also showcasing his UNCHANGING figure.

Looking chipper before his surgery. We didn't see a smile like that for QUITE a while following the surgery!!

Showing off his quilting handiwork!! Byron hand-frayed two entire quilts that we made. I guess his family's crafting skills do NOT skip the males!!

Displaying his culinary skills, making zuccini bread. Also, wearing the UCLA shirt that I bought him. Which is ONLY worn indoors (for chores like cooking and cleaning) and to bed. What a USC snob.

Lest you begin to think that he is all cooking and sewing, my husband is quite the danger-seeker. How clear is it from the look on his face that I made him take this picture and he is not thrilled about it??

One thing I've learned from making this little montage is that it is hard to find pictures of Byron that DON'T have me in them. I'm going to work on that!!

We are doing great here and hoping to post a lot of updates in the next few weeks, pre-baby!!


Maxine said...

You look so cute pregnant! I hated it when EVERYONE told me I looked like I was about to pop when I was only 8 months pregnant. Then again, I did pop two weeks early...

Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy! May little Rudegard come out as perfect as can be!

Kami said...

Yay an update!!! I'm so happy you updated your blog, it made my day!!!

Renee said...

Hoooray!! It's funny how everybody feels the need to touch the little guy in every picture (including me). You look fantastic!! I wish I could have been there last night and I hope you guys had a fabulous time. I'm sure it wasn't anywhere near as racy and fun as the last shower we threw for you :)

Amy Sue said...

Welcome back from your blogging vacation! It was good to see you at your baby shower. You are an adorable pregnant lady. Can't wait to see the little one!

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Carmen said...

FINALLY! you have no idea how many times I have checked your blog only to see the SAME entry staring back at me. i was SO thrilled to see something new, especially about the pregnancy. I was a little disappointed to find no pictures of me though. Heehee! k, i LOVE the pregnancy cake, it was adorable. Jessica should go into the cake making business!