Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I may have a small problem.

I know that yesterday I believed I was making progress in my domestic/decorating skills because I purchased holiday hand towels. However, I believe this may be becoming a compulsion.
Case in point: Frosty.

I am quickly headed down a road that cannot end well. Either it ends when the money runs out, or when my home is overflowing with Christmas nicknacks. Or both.

Admitting you have a problem is the first step, right?

It is possible that I'm not telling the whole story. I may have also purchased a Christmas wreath and a number of assorted stockings. Oh the shame.


Nicole said...

I've got you beat. This year I purchased (ta-dah!) a white FEATHER christmas tree! It is truly awesome.

Rachel said...

Welcome back to blog land! I think it is SO cute that your hubby made cards he's so crafty maybe I should invite him to post on our craft blog! I LOVE buying x-mas stuff it is so SO fun! I have to say to Nicole that a white Feather Tree?!?! That sound awesome I have a Wreath like that and I LOVE it. Feathers are the new pine remember that on your next binge!


kimmy i love it! isn't decorating th best:) chris thinks it's awaste of money.... but i think sports is a waste of money?? so we even out i guess:)

Renee said...

Admitting a problems is the first step...but being willing to change is an important component...I don't think you're there yet. Let me know if you need some private sessions, I think I might be able to help.

Brian said...

Don't you worry Kim, from what I hear Byron also has the holiday itch. Peanut Brittle. Yummy.