Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cruise Day 4 - Acapulco. . . A Total Bust

So after our two days at sea, we were pretty excited to get to land and our first port, Acapulco. See the glimmer in Kim's eye? The city looked beautiful from our boat and we were excited to venture out into Mexico with our group. We were in for a big shock.

As we should have anticipated, as soon as we got off the boat, we were attacked by the locals trying to sell us excursions, sunglasses, hats and anything else you can think of. We were in a group of 10, so we were an easy target. Somehow we managed to follow a seemingly "trustworthy" guy off the main boulevard into a very Mexican part of town to a flea market. This was NOT what we thought Acapulco would be like. We wandered in the area for a while, lost part of our group who ventured out on their own and searched for the Fuerte de San Diego, an old fort that we saw from the ship. But first we needed to stop for a treat. We ate a lot of popsicles while we were in Mexico.

After our quick visit to the fort, we decided that we needed to hit the beach. We met a very nice lady who we thought was a docent at the museum who told us of a great "locals beach", Caleta Beach. We thought our luck finally turned. We hopped into a cab and told the driver to take us to Caleta Beach. We should have realized from his look that this is not a place that most tourists go. The beach was very local and we were in Mexico. It probably should not have been quite a shock to us, but we were shocked. This is not what we had anticipated and the beach was very packed and very. . . dirty?

Well, after we hung at the beach for a couple of hours, we decided to head back to the cruise ship. I love going on cruises. It is so nice to make it back to the boat, somewhere clean and somewhere you can be lazy. We got cleaned up and decided to venture out into the city one last time.

This time we did it right. We got a cab right when we left the boat and he took us to go see the cliff divers. It was pretty cool. Our taxi driver totally hooked us up, gave us a ride to where we needed to go, walked us to the ticket booth, showed us the best place to watch the divers, got us a Sprite and waited for us during the show.

Kim also did an excellent imitation of the divers, so overall I guess Acapulco wasn't totally worthless.

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Rachel said...

What a fun cruise! I am totally jealous, maybe next time you should invite your "best friends", you know me and bubba, we could get a babysitter!
Byron I am so glad that you are the blogging one and keep your post updated! I am VERY dissapointed by Kimberly, please let her know that.